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An Edgerunner’s Life For Me & My Cohorts

Take stock of your stock of weapons and resources! This wiki will be used to keep a log of everything you’ve gained and lost through your contracts and coerced conniving. A database of collective knowledge on this mad mad world of 2020.

Collection of MacGuffs

Huida “STONE COLD KICK ULTRA GRIP” Ming’s Swiss-Cheesed Fuel-Leaking Salvaged AV-6

Fargo Wells’ Briefcase: Battered leather with difficulty 20 scanner baffler containing:

  1. Bank of HK chip: ¥750
  2. Vox Analyzer with Telephone Mount
  3. Malfunctioning Battleglove
  4. Ugly Cream Suit
  5. Night City International locker card (still encoded)
  6. Disarmed IED, still usable

Lollipop 5’s Decoded Sea Charts (Cave Location)

Unicorn & 3 Rare Horse Breeds

Encoded Privateer Smuggling Schedule

Arasaka RDAK (Spider) Assorted Broken Parts

  • Salvaged: microbattery (5 hours for Spider)

Techtronica M40 Pulse Rifle

Morning Murder Cove Payout of 4 × 2.55 Million + 3 Million for Kojo : TBD Floor Apartments & Workspace – Daedalus Tower

  • Daedalus Medical Matching Payment Program – Any work-related cybernetic installations and associated healing drugs/facilities are matched by Daedalus giving you a 50% discount.

Crossed Your Crosshairs

  • 6 x Street Punks
  • 7 x Arab Assassins
  • 4 x Horse Convoy Solos & Lorenzo Damarith
  • 4 x Slaughterhouse Boosters
  • 6 x Plebby Smugglers & Vegas Aboard the Lollipop 5
  • 12 x Cave Privateers & Grasshopper ACPA
  • Arasaka RDAK (Spider)


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