Cyberpunk 2020 - A Fistful of Eurodollars

Ameliorating Monetary Deficiencies through Equine Enterprise
In which you tensely make the horse handoff, only to be pulled into a new job

June 4th, 2020: 2100 PST

Ms. Khaller disapproves of Kojo’s working off the record but tantalizes him and his cronies with the possibility of their own department for black-water operations on Daedalus’ behalf. That is, if they will make good on the mess they’ve made so far by tidying up the smuggler’s loose ends. She implies you could incur much favor within the company depending on how lucrative your exploitation of this stolen valuables ring is.

June 5th, 2020: 1030 PST

After taking some much-needed rest the party stops by an arms dealer for a shopping trip and has an amusing encounter with unioner Mountain Joe at the shipping container SCKUG stored his stolen AV-6 in. Hauling the obtuse Aerodyne out of its crate allows the crew to jet their way back to Wharf P47 to the Lollipop 5, the boat Lorenzo arrived on with the stolen horse.

In the span of about 5 minutes a dockside observer would’ve seen an unmarked AV screech over the boat as a parade of figures rappel to the deck, seemingly killing all aboard and then climbing back up to the hovering craft to disappear. Your rapid search revealed a number of pirate guards on-and-below-decks including one crazed-looking Solo with a checkered trenchcoat, as well as the terrified boat captain and his coded sea charts which would eventually reveal the smuggler’s stopover point up the coast.

In your stop at Daedalus Tower’s rooftop maintenance facility, Kojo meets up with their assigned netrunner Vali Bland to go over the data recovered from the Lollipop 5 while SCKUG negotiates refueling and arming his suspicious outsourced AV-6 varietal. Within a couple hours at a low cruising speed your hefty Aerodyne sweeps over the rocky and desolate eroded coastline to a set of coordinates a few hundred klicks north of Night City.

Rumble at the Docks
In which you find a horse

Kojo calls in a favor from one of his contacts at Daedalus, a teenaged Netrunner prodigy Vali T. Bland, to discover the location of Lorenzo’s docked ship at Wharf P47 as well as the transfer time the following evening.

June 4th, 2020: 1930 PST

A carefully laid ambush nevertheless results in your Cop, Professor Super Dragon, having his neck snapped off by Damarith’s mighty tae kwon do kicks. When the dust and blood settle into the pavement, the crew break into the convoy’s trailer to find a vat-grown Andalusian stallion worth untold millions of euros.

A tense trek back to Namura’s warehouse is punctuated with an ill-thought-ought attempt on your cargo by some Slaughterhouse Boosters, whose unfortunate gimmick is their reliance on melee weapons. Kojo negotiates with Namura upon the horse’s delivery for a doubled cash reward. As the party takes a round of back-patting for a job well-done Kojo gets a call from Daedalus’ headquarters requesting his audience with the CEO Nha Khaller.

Slow Boat From Chiba
In which the crew discovers their target, Fargo Wells

The meeting over you turn to leave and are confronted once more by your enigmatic contact. He holds a large brown envelope in one hand and a cell-phone in the other.
“All the information you require is contained in here,” he says, extending the envelope towards you. “When you have found him, use this to contact me and I will relay…” He pauses, unsure of his software. “I will give you further instructions, dial two-four.” With this he hands you the cell-phone and opens the door.
June 3nd, 2020: 0300 PST
By way of SCKUG’s awkward parlay with the target’s ex-input, Caitlin Jones (secretly spying on the party for Infocomp, although the bug she planted on SCKUG was easily thwarted) they discover Wells’ favorite watering hole: The Garbage Pail.

The ‘runners make it into the bar just in time to see Fargo’s face take a bullet or three from Arab assassins. The party wrests a Palace of Puppets coffin card from their corpses after a brief bout of shooting. At the coffin motel they find a booby-trapped suitcase in Wells’ compartment but Swingerson’s technical wizardry disarmed it. A call with Namura confirms they’re looking for something “larger than a toaster” in essence; not to be found in the suitcase or even the Night City International locker which you now have the key to.

June 3rd, 2020: 1900 PST
The contents of the suitcase lead the chase to Raphaels Rock Emporium for a rendezvous with one of Wells’ contacts: Mitshiko Anasho at 7pm. Assassins attack again, firing a micromissile inside the museum and killing Anasho. The party managed to sneak in enough weaponry to quickly kill off the Arab Assassins and bail before the NCPD show up. Anasho’s hotel card leads the crew downtown to Hotel Pallazo, wherein they finally discover a shipping manifest linked to Wells. A dangerous Solo outlined in your dossier, Lorenzo Damarith, is bringing in the contraband to Night City and offloading it to a buyer.


Can You Grok It?
In which the enterprising Corporate Kojo meets his new hires and contractor

June 2nd, 2020: 0030 PST
The Lo-Life, 43rd & Quill St.

The enigmatic Mr. “Kojo” MacKenzie of Daedalus Biocorp hires a motley crew of edgerunners to meet him at The Lo-Life neon bar on the edge of the combat zone (preferring to keep his solo work under wraps). He’s received a tip about a lucrative contract opportunity and awaits both his clients and their new employer outside. A band of street punks approach Kojo, recognizing his important stature and ready to rustle him up, when said motley crew arrives in a gloriously violent fashion.

Swingerson swings into the fray, spike/flamethrower heel first oblivious to the small arms fire pinging off her faceplate. Kojo dives for cover and takes potshots as his new hires make quick work of the Zone trash.

No sooner had the blood started to reach the sewers when the bartender, far from perturbed by the raucous gunfire and screams outside, poked his head out to tell Kojo there’s a call for him. After receiving their employer’s location, the party clamors into Kojo’s luxury stretch sedan and head off to the warehouse district.

June 2nd, 2020: 0200 PST
Warehouse 214, 31st St. & Wellborn St.

The gig turns out to be a snatch and grab of a man named Fargo Wells, requested at the behest of a mysterious Japanese businessman you later learn is named Namura.

You meet in a retrofitted warehouse and speak to him through a one-way mirror. It appears this Fargo Wells underling has double-crossed his employer and absconded with some valuable genetic data and is in Night City securing its arrival by way of smugglers to sell to the highest bidder in town. Although not explicitly stated, Namura implies that securing Wells is not nearly as important as ultimately securing their “genetic data”


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