The raspy crackerjack ace pilot



Body {7} MA {7} Ref [7/8]
Int {5} Tech {5} Emp [5/5]
Cool {9} Attr {3} Luck [3/3]
Run {21} Leap {5} Lift {280}

Initiative 8 (ref – ev + booster)
BTM -2
Save 7
Humanity 50
Reputation 7 (with MG on)

Armor SP

1 head {}
2-4 torso {14}
5 rarm {14}
6 larm {14}
7-8 rleg {}
9-0 lleg {}

Skills (40 career + 11 pickup)
  • Family 2
    Jury Rig 3
  • Endurance 4
  • Awareness 4
  • Wilderness Survival 1
  • Athletics 4
  • Brawling 2
  • Driving 4
  • Melee 5
  • Rifle 8
  • Pilot (Vect Thrust) 4*
  • AV Tech 2*
    Basic Tech 4
    First Aid 3
    Weaponsmith 1

*Lore-adjusted Career Skills

  • Speedware (+1 Init)
  • AV Pilot Uplink (+1 Pilot)
  • Scorched FN-RAL [RIFle/-1WeaponAccuracy/Non-concealable/Common] [6d6+2] [30/30] [Standard=Jams 5 or less on fumble roll]
  • Rebar with a chunk of cement (Sledgehammer) [MELee/-3WeaponAccuracy/Non-concealable/Common] [4d6 Softx1/2] [UnReliable]
  • MetalGear, 25sp Whole Body (-2EV)
  • Jumpsuit with Flak Jacket/ 0 head, 14 torso/arms, 4 on legs (-1EV)

Huide Ming was fortunate enough to be born in the upper crust of an advanced arceology structure KLV-058 in the middle of the Gobi Desert in central Eurasia. A pristine HEPA-filtered environment complete with rolling grass and even leaping trout in a carefully crafted babbling brook at the center of the synthetic high-rise habitat pods that housed nearly 2 million souls. The harsh UV radiation and ever-present sandstorms were muted by the arceology outer armor and two generations had known life inside KLV-058’s veritable paradise. It prided itself in advanced medical and applied sciences research and often sent expeditions of medical relief into the outside population when extreme drought destroyed the meager crops or storms surged. KLV-058’s proud corporate benefactors oft appeared on the mega-global news feeds personally parachuting out of the cargo hoverjets to open the air drops containing autoseed farm equipment to cheering crowds of desperate farmers or high-res surgical videos of the CEO hand-delivering vat-grown organs with the seal of KLV-058 imprinted on quivering hearts and pulsating kidneys fresh from KLV-058 Medical Synthesis & Applied Sciences Division. Arceologies stood as towering leviathans of hope for the future to the untold billions living in dark and decrepit megalopolis.

Ming graduated from the AeroSpace Division and earned an Ace rating in the simulations, though was given several demerits for constantly smoking illicit tobacco inside the cockpit. Upon graduating from the academy, he was given the assignment of the Exterior Guard who patrolled KLV-058’s airspace. Ming progressed quickly through the ranks but was always constrained by his constant accrual of demerits from both ranking officers and his corporate handlers. This all came to a head when Ming was demoted to Industrial Transportation division and piloted cargo hoverjets after a certain incident of theft of coporate funds and a missing gyrocopter from the hanger. Ming maintains to this day that he was never trained to pilot Gyrocopters and that he was framed by someone deep within a shadowy organization. However, he soon spent his days piloting boxes of medical relief and giant autothreshers but became jaded to the hordes of crowds and flashing rec lights of the ever-present media.

However, an extreme drought that swept through the desert soon drove even KLV-058 to rely on their emergency cistern of water deep into the geothermic layer. Desperate communities traveled far to KLV-058 in ramshackle vehicles or even by foot for medical and water relief. After the first refugee groups grew into shantytowns that grew into sprawling slums, the relief that flowed from KLV-058 soon turned to a trickle then was eventually halted pending further notice. Tensions skyrocketed and small “Incidents” that turned into full fledged riots prompted harsher and harsher responses from the Exterior Guard.

The word from corporate was given to clear out “Unsecured Terrain Adjacent to Established Border” and the standing order was given to defend corporate property at all costs. Massive patrols and riot troops combined with auto-dozers pushed the teeming mob back onto the hellish desert. SCKUG was back on a troop carrier but a smuggled anti-aircraft missile blew apart Engine 2 and small arms soon forced SCKUG to touch down in the middle of a riot. A mob swarmed the landed craft and broke several of SCKUG’s ribs and taking him and a few other guards hostage. After a few days of being locked in the luggage compartment of a bus, SCKUG was dragged out to discover a curt pre-recorded message that “KLV-058 Military and Corporate authorities do not negotiate with terrorists”.

SCKUG’S blindfold was ripped off to find a gun barrel pressed against his forehead when a microcharge detonated in the camp and SCKUG regained consciousness to find KLV-058 security dragging him to the evac helicopter. SCKUG refused cybernetics and instead had his organs and mangled limbs regrown and began the slow process of recovery. SCKUG soon became disillusioned with the proto-fascism imposed by the arceology and chose to leave. Unfortunately, his regrown organs and limbs are considered corporate property by the KLV legal team and his request to leave was denied. SCKUG considered the hanger door to be an obstruction and cleared his own request by detonating two Air to Air missiles on the door locks. He fled to a nearby port city and smuggled his AV-6 aboard a freighter destined for the biggest city on the fragmented Western coast of the Americas – Night City.

With his stolen AV-6 safely on the bottom of a stack of rusting cargo containers, SCKUG set out into Night City when he discovered mercenary work for a certain man named Kojo…


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