• Caitlin Jones

    Caitlin Jones

    Infocomp reporter, Fargo Wells' ex
  • Fargo Wells

    Fargo Wells

    Your original target, the man Akaromi Biocorp holds responsible for the stolen horse
  • Lorenzo Damarith

    Lorenzo Damarith

    Eurosolo kicker, Napolean's escort
  • Mitshiko Anasho

    Mitshiko Anasho

    Fargo Wells' shifty middlewoman, contact of Lorenzo Damarith
  • Namsei Namura

    Namsei Namura

    Contractor who hired Kojo to retrieve Akaromi Biocorp's stolen horse: Napolean
  • Napoleon


    The OG vat-grown horse: an Andallusion Stallion
  • Nha Kaller

    Nha Kaller

    The Severe and Reserved Prodigy CEO of Daedalus Biocorp
  • Officer "Ella" McDonnell

    Officer "Ella" McDonnell

    This stern law-woman hailed your suspicious AV and may have corporate ties
  • Professor Super Dragon

    Professor Super Dragon

    Your fallen Cop comrade, killed by Lorenzo Damarith's mighty kick
  • Vali Bland

    Vali Bland

    Teenaged netrunner prodigy assigned to Kojo's department