Cyberpunk 2020 - A Fistful of Eurodollars

Slow Boat From Chiba

In which the crew discovers their target, Fargo Wells

The meeting over you turn to leave and are confronted once more by your enigmatic contact. He holds a large brown envelope in one hand and a cell-phone in the other.
“All the information you require is contained in here,” he says, extending the envelope towards you. “When you have found him, use this to contact me and I will relay…” He pauses, unsure of his software. “I will give you further instructions, dial two-four.” With this he hands you the cell-phone and opens the door.
June 3nd, 2020: 0300 PST
By way of SCKUG’s awkward parlay with the target’s ex-input, Caitlin Jones (secretly spying on the party for Infocomp, although the bug she planted on SCKUG was easily thwarted) they discover Wells’ favorite watering hole: The Garbage Pail.

The ‘runners make it into the bar just in time to see Fargo’s face take a bullet or three from Arab assassins. The party wrests a Palace of Puppets coffin card from their corpses after a brief bout of shooting. At the coffin motel they find a booby-trapped suitcase in Wells’ compartment but Swingerson’s technical wizardry disarmed it. A call with Namura confirms they’re looking for something “larger than a toaster” in essence; not to be found in the suitcase or even the Night City International locker which you now have the key to.

June 3rd, 2020: 1900 PST
The contents of the suitcase lead the chase to Raphaels Rock Emporium for a rendezvous with one of Wells’ contacts: Mitshiko Anasho at 7pm. Assassins attack again, firing a micromissile inside the museum and killing Anasho. The party managed to sneak in enough weaponry to quickly kill off the Arab Assassins and bail before the NCPD show up. Anasho’s hotel card leads the crew downtown to Hotel Pallazo, wherein they finally discover a shipping manifest linked to Wells. A dangerous Solo outlined in your dossier, Lorenzo Damarith, is bringing in the contraband to Night City and offloading it to a buyer.



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