Cyberpunk 2020 - A Fistful of Eurodollars

Can You Grok It?

In which the enterprising Corporate Kojo meets his new hires and contractor

June 2nd, 2020: 0030 PST
The Lo-Life, 43rd & Quill St.

The enigmatic Mr. “Kojo” MacKenzie of Daedalus Biocorp hires a motley crew of edgerunners to meet him at The Lo-Life neon bar on the edge of the combat zone (preferring to keep his solo work under wraps). He’s received a tip about a lucrative contract opportunity and awaits both his clients and their new employer outside. A band of street punks approach Kojo, recognizing his important stature and ready to rustle him up, when said motley crew arrives in a gloriously violent fashion.

Swingerson swings into the fray, spike/flamethrower heel first oblivious to the small arms fire pinging off her faceplate. Kojo dives for cover and takes potshots as his new hires make quick work of the Zone trash.

No sooner had the blood started to reach the sewers when the bartender, far from perturbed by the raucous gunfire and screams outside, poked his head out to tell Kojo there’s a call for him. After receiving their employer’s location, the party clamors into Kojo’s luxury stretch sedan and head off to the warehouse district.

June 2nd, 2020: 0200 PST
Warehouse 214, 31st St. & Wellborn St.

The gig turns out to be a snatch and grab of a man named Fargo Wells, requested at the behest of a mysterious Japanese businessman you later learn is named Namura.

You meet in a retrofitted warehouse and speak to him through a one-way mirror. It appears this Fargo Wells underling has double-crossed his employer and absconded with some valuable genetic data and is in Night City securing its arrival by way of smugglers to sell to the highest bidder in town. Although not explicitly stated, Namura implies that securing Wells is not nearly as important as ultimately securing their “genetic data”


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